Tower Medical Imaging

At Tower Medical Imagining we offer used medical equipment with support! We also service the following list of medical imaging technology and equipment.


Used CT Scanners-

CT Scanners, employ tomography technology, which is used to create computer processed medical images.  The technology itself uses both specialized x-ray equipment combined with highly advanced computer technology to produce detailed images of the internal body. These pictures are then able to be examined on the computer, and/or in a printed form. CT Scanners are known to provide accurate internal imaging results and operate at high-performance levels, with minimal maintenance requirements.


Asteion technology is manufactured in strict compliance to the industry standards with a 4-slice ct system, 0.5 mm detector technology and high/low contrast resolution properties. These set aspects and quality pieces of technology allow technicians to provide patients with fast (53 mm per second volume coverage), and accurate body scans that can be displayed as detailed 3d body images.

  • Ergonomic Guided Mode
  • Ultra-High Resolution Imaging (4 X 0.5 Mm Slice Thickness)
  • 4 X 0.5 Mm Slice Thickness For
  • Dose-By-Noise Regulation Control
  • Up To 30° Tilted Helical Scanning
  • 1800 Mm Scan Range
  • Real-Time Helical Scanning (12 Frames Per Second)
  • Specialized 4.0 MHU X-Ray Tube
  • Unsurpassed 3d Imaging Quality (5 Mm Isotropic Voxel)

Hitachi Pronto:

Hitachi Pronto technology provides professionals with high speed, high resolution, and low dosage imaging. This quick scan technique provides technicians with detailed, color images ideal for medical diagnostics.

  • Ceramic State Detector
  • Specialize 3.5 MHU X-Ray Tube
  • 1 Second Reconstructive Scan Time
  • Windows Based Central Control
  • 17” High-Resolution LCD Monition (Color)
  • Helical/ Spiral Software
  • Real Time Curved MPR
  • Maximum Of 128 Cine Displays

Hitachi Pratico:

Hitachi Pratico technology offers a new large capacity X-ray tube for CT patients who suffer from anxiety. This large machine also provides single volume and multiple volume scans, making it ideal for all types of diagnostics.

  • Highly Sensitive X-Ray Detector.
  • Specialized Spinal Scanning Design
  • Comprehensive Choices For Slice Width
  • Multiple Phase Volume Scanning
  • Zoom Volume Scanning
  • Overlap Volume Scanning
  • Easy Breathing Time Controls
  • Artifact Reduction Scanning (Thin Slice)
  • Unique Voxel Transmission 3D Display
  • Real Time MPR
  • Parallel Processing (Multiple CPUs)
  • World Standard DJCOM 3.0 Network Options
  • Adjustable Table Height (Lowest= 38 Cms)

Philips Tomoscan AVP:

Philips Tomoscan AVP technology provides medical imaging for the structures and functions of the body. This detailed scan works quickly and accurately to produce single slice images, ideal for diagnostics.

  • Xenon (Solid State) Detector
  • Specialized 3.5 Mhs Ceramic X-Ray Tube
  • Single, 1, 2, 3, 5 And 10 Mm Slice Thicknesses
  • Fast (1-6 Second) Scan Speed
  • Volumetric 3d Scan Mode

Used DR Systems-

DR systems serve as imaging and management systems for hospitals and medical imaging offices, to provide detailed diagnostics for many medical conditions. The technology alone is at a high demand, as the integration of healthcare networks and diagnostic imaging centers transition to more advanced technology. This equipment uses single user interface platforms to combine RIS/ PACS functions with patient information to produce detailed diagnostic images and electronic medical records.


Used Mammography Machines-

Mammography Machines are used for taking radiographic images of the soft tissue of a women’s breasts. To meet industry standards, all mammography machines are equipped to take multiple, high contrast images that allow for the most detailed medical examination. These machines do, however, come in different varieties based on the latest technological advancements and industry standards. We offer Mammography equipment that that is used in a wide variety of medical institutes and include the GE Senographe 600T, the GE Senographe 700T, and the GE Senographe 800T.


Used MRI Systems-

MRI systems are best used for getting diagnostic clinical results. The machines use technologically advanced and strong, magnets to create diagnostic images. Our range of MRI systems cover the entire MRI spectrum of scanning and diagnostic applications. All of which are also known for their incredible image quality (digital and print).

Hitachi Aperto:

The Hitachi Aperto is a newer solution for MRI scanning. With a unique and singular pillar design, the machine is able to create comprehensive panoramic pictures. The system is also equipped with a 0.4 Tesla strength permanent magnet that helps ensure high-field quality results.

  • Panoramic 320° Scanner Opening
  • 22mt/M And 55t/M/S Gradient Options
  • Fully Motorized Patient Table
  • Lateral Table Movement Options ±150 Mm

Hitachi Airis Mate:

The Hitachi Airis Mate machine offers a wide open magnetic resonance imaging technology that is both compact in nature and designed to be lightweight. This high-performance imaging machine is best known for accommodating demanding angios, as well as difficult orthopedic exams, which makes them ideal for sports medicine and musculoskeletal professionals.

  • Field Strength Of 0.4 Tesla
  • Single Pillar Design
  • Panoramic 320° Scanner Opening
  • 22mt/M And 55t/M/S Gradient Options
  • Fully Motorized Patient Table
  • Vertical Table Movement Options ±150 Mm

Hitachi Airis Elite:

The Hitachi Airis Elite machine offers an open MR technology advancement that allows clinical patients to receive high-performance imaging with a permanent vertical magnet system. This technology is used for its fast gradients, scalable dual quad RF systems, and its complicated sequencing capabilities.

  • Scalable 4 Channel Quadrature For Uniformity And Consistent Imaging
  • Vertical Table Movement Options ±450mm
  • 6 Direction Power Drive
  • High-Resolution Gradient System
  • Short TR/TE Gradient System
  • Vertical Field Strength Of 0.3 Tesla
  • 43cm Bore Height For Maximum Patient Access
  • Power Driven In 6 Directions

Hitachi Airis

The Hitachi AIRIS machine offers award winning gantry designs, perfect high-performance, and dependability. The technology itself has been crafted with the most up to date advancements on the market, in order to provide high image quality and reliability.

  • Award Winning Design
  • 43cm Patient Access Point
  • 2 Speed Vertical Table Movement Options Of ±450mm
  • 8mt/M Gradient Amplitude
  • Detailed LCD Color Imagine
  • Vertical Field Strength Of 0.3 Tesla
  • Three-Axis Patient Shims

Hitachi Airis II

The Hitachi AIRIS II contains MRI technology that provides one of the highest image qualities on the market. This reliable machine is manufactured with award-winning panoramic technology that produces fast gradients and complex imaging sequences.

  • Award Winning Asymmetrical Design
  • 43cm Bore Height For Maximum Patient Access
  • Vertical Table Movement Options ±450mm
  • 8mt/M Gradient Amplitude
  • Detailed LCD Color Imagine
  • Vertical Field Strength Of 0.3 Tesla
  • Three-Axis Patient Shims

Hitachi MRP 7000

The Hitachi MRP 7000 is made to work extremely well without any interruptions in its imaging process. The dependable technology used in this system makes it ideal for clinical scans, in hospitals with high demand.

  • Short Gantry
  • Vertical Table Movement Options ±430mm
  • Field Strength Of 0.3 Tesla
  • High Resolution Display System


Used Ultra Sound/ Colour Doppler-

Ultra Sound/ Colour Doppler Imagining equipment uses sound waves to evaluate blood as it flows through a blood vessel, as well as to create multidimensional sonograph images. This technology is generally used for its accuracy in performance results thanks to the easily specialized sonography capabilities.  We support these elite machines from both Toshiba and GE, supporting the Core Vision, ECCOCEE, Power Vision, and Capacee from Toshiba, and the Logic 200, Logic 400 and Logic 500 from GE.

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